Satellite Internet Just Got Better with Exede Voice Phone Services

Satellite Internet Just Got Better with Exede Voice Phone Services

You love your cell phone yet hate the phone service when you moved to your rural location. Don't give up on your cell phone just yet. Instead, get great phone service through your present Exede Internet modem with Exede Voice.

Exede Voice is your gateway into having affordable phone service anywhere across the country. What makes Exede Voice so unique is that you use your existing Exede Internet modem to place calls over our communications satellite. This method is accomplished by using "Voice over Internet Protocol" services. Your phone signal will use the Internet to send and receive local and long distance calls to any of the 50 states and Canada. So you will have access to cell phone services no matter how remote an area you live in.

You might think that such a phone service is expensive. On the contrary, when you bundle Exede Voice with your Exede Internet service, we will offer you a 10% discount per month for the bundled services. You will have access to all the great phone features -- such as voicemail and caller ID -- for one low price along with having the most reliable and fastest satellite Internet speeds in the country.

Another fact is that you won't have to monitor the number of calls you make because you are worried about going over your data allowance. Although you are using your modem to make and receive calls, Exede Voice will not count towards your data used for your Internet service. Make all the calls you want according to your phone plan and continue to browse your social media pages and email photos to your family.

When it comes to phone service in rural areas, we have you covered with Exede Voice. Make the switch and bundle your service with Exede Internet as you can keep your existing phone number or get a new one, whichever choice you want to make. Call our customer service representative today for more information about this affordable and convenient phone service that you can get through Exede.