Extremely happy with the service, as we were on slow dial-up before. We live out in the country and the phone lines are old and when they get wet we couldn't even get online. Thank you for getting into the modern age.

April in Van, Texas

It was like a breath of fresh air compared to my previous provider!

Brad in Saratoga, Wyoming

The technician was very knowledgeable, and getting started was very easy. Exede has proven itself to be an affordable and superior satellite Internet service.

Dennis in Plymouth, New York

I was trapped in the dial-up nightmare ... Cable stops 3 houses down the road from me. DSL is to far away to be an option ... Now with Exede I can enjoy the Internet like city folks.

Don in Streator, Illinois

Prior to Exede, our options were so limited we considered moving to an area that had DSL or some other high-speed Internet just to be socially connected. Now we have the whole world at our doorstep.

Janet in Bennett, Colorado