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Exede is a Step Above the Competitors for Internet Speeds

Have you ever wondered just how fast your Internet download speeds are when transferring documents, photos, music or movies? You would be surprised to learn that you aren't getting the fastest speeds you could possibly get due to your rural location.

Average DSL offers 6 Mbps, which gives you download speeds of 18 seconds for documents, 1.33 seconds for photos, 4 seconds for music, and 1 minute and 10 seconds for movies. The 1st generation satellite Internet only provides 1 Mbps. This is the slowest service you can have with download speeds of 1 minute and 52 seconds for documents, 8 seconds for photos, 24 seconds for music, and 7 minutes and 4 seconds for movies.

If you have the more common rural DSL, you only experience 3 Mbps download speeds for your Internet service. So it will take 37 seconds to download documents, 2.67 seconds to download photos, 8 seconds to download music, and 2 minutes and 21 seconds to download movies.

Exede Internet is putting the competitors to shame due to Exede incredibly fast high-speed Internet service. We offer an outstanding 25 Mbps for your download speeds. Once you select a data plan, you can download documents in 16 seconds, photos in 0.32 seconds, 0.0 seconds for music and 16 seconds for movies. No other service, not even rural or average DSL services, can compare.

Gaining access to the Internet and having superior download speeds shouldn't be restricted to only those people living in cities or urban areas. Suburb, rural and exurb customers should be able to browse the Internet and download all their favorite entertainment without always going over their data allowance. Exede offers so much to rural customers as you will always have access to dependable Internet services through your mini dish and our communications satellite. You will have fast speeds and affordable pricing plans that the competitors can't offer to you.

Give us a call here at Exede. Let our company provide you with the best Internet service for your location.

Compare EXEDE Speed Against the Competition

See the difference in download speeds between Exede's 25 mbps service and the competition. Exede offers 25 mbps service in a growing number of areas. Call and find-out if this super fast internet service is available in your area.