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iPhone vs Android - How do they compare?

Can I use my iPhone or Android to watch TV?

The answer is yes!
Both the iPhone and the Android support live streaming. When you bundle Exede with DIRECTV, you can stream live TV or On Demand shows and movies on both the iPhone and the Android phone. Never miss the latest episode or winning touchdown! And, it's free!

Which one do you choose? What about security? Let's compare the differences here.

iPhones are traditionally considered the most secure. They are not foolproof but most malware has been written for Android phones. iPhones have a closed platform as do the old Blackberry phones. Since it is easier to break into Android, it is simply the more targeted system.

No matter which type system you have, the best way to protect your phone is to make sure you implement all the updates. Some people think this is a hassle, but it is the absolute best way to protect your phone.

Another way hackers get in is through the Apps. Apps are updated regularly to keep hackers out so make sure you are updating your phone and always research the Apps you want to add.

What about quality and features?

Both devices rate about the same for picture quality and sound when comparing the latest versions.

Features are comparable and depend on your lifestyle. Some say Android is more customizable than iPhone. Phone performance varies depending on the whether or not you have the latest version. Most of what you want to do can be done well on the newest versions of either platform.

So what's the verdict?

It pretty much comes down to personal taste and the type of services and apps you would prefer.

For most people, it's a toss-up which phone is the best. So do your homework on Exede blazing fast Satellite Internet to help you make the best choice!

Cyber Deal Sites -Great for the Holidays

We all love a bargain but sometimes it's exhausting to find them! Get ready this season! Simply visit some of the popular online sites that offer deals and coupons at your favorite shops and restaurants.

Retailmenot offers thousands of coupons and deals every day. You can browse the latest offers and recommended deals or type in the name of your favorite store to go straight to what you want. There are freebies available and don't forget to download the app so you always have your deals with you! Check out the site here at https://www.retailmenot.com

Groupon offers coupons but covers more types of commerce and it is international. From clothes to travel to toys and activities - Groupon offers a vast variety of deals. You can shop by city or store name. Or just browse the specials. It's all fun and, of course, store name. Or just browse the specials. It's all fun and, of course, there is an app! Visit Groupon at https://www.groupon.com

Don't forget those holiday meals! With grocery coupons online at Coupons.com (https://www.coupons.com)you can get all that food at a great price! Not only do they offer food coupons, but you will find all your household needs covered on this site! Candles, batteries, paper goods and links to store websites for even more deals!

Check out Ebates to get cash back while you shop! Just shop at the stores listed. Each store has the percentage cash you earn for shopping! Who could ask for more! Shop Ebates at https://www.ebates.com

So, while others are trying to find parking, just use Exede Satellite Internet and save money while you shop from home!

Online Gaming is ON with Satellite Internet!

Everyone wants to know how Satellite Internet affects gaming and Exede Community is a great resource! With a little information and some practice, you can enjoy gaming with Exede Satellite Internet.

Latency is a factor in all Internet connections. Satellite Internet latency is very slightly more than others (about half a second). However, Satellite Internet provides a steadier signal which is an advantage over other providers.

Not all latency or lag time is caused by Internet providers. Online gaming, especially MMO's, uses shared Internet servers that can become overcrowded and cause lag time. Overloaded routers in the home and even weather can cause delays. Did you know some gamers use lag switches to send lag to other gamers?

Most gaming runs very smoothly and you can find an incredible amount of information by going to Exede Community Online. There are blogs written by gamers who have tried and tested many games and give great tips such as: set game launchers to update manually only; disable peer to peer settings as needed; set Windows to metered connection.

Watching data allowance is huge. You can get late night free zones with certain Exede Satellite Internet packages. Download updates during your late night free zone without affecting your data allowance. And, if you go over data allowance, Exede only slows you down, you don't get cut off. Many games can still be played at slower speeds.

Exede Community has loads of information. Be sure to check it out!

Streaming - It's not all music!

With Exede Satellite Internet you can stay up to date by streaming video AND audio.


Watching the latest news live and as it happens is at your fingertips. Tune in to your favorite news show or watch video highlights and interviews. Catch a movie...anywhere! Streaming allows you to view on just about any device. You don't have to stay on the couch anymore!


Pull up the latest podcast of your favorite show. View or read it on your time. You don't have to be on anyone's schedulebut your own.


Audible* is the latest in online audiobooks. Great storytelling brings characters to life. When you get tired of listening, you can switch to reading!

Get the job done

Watch a youtube video to find out how to fix your plumbing, refinish that old table, even how to change a spark plug! With youtube the subjects are endless. Extremely helpful, and sometimes, very entertaining, youtube video has what you need. Exede Satellite Internet gives you a steady signal for great viewing.


Exede Satellite Internet website has helpful hints on how to manage your data. You will find information on blocking data thieves, turning off background apps that burn data, three uses that are the biggest data hogs and much, much more! Just go to the Tools and Help page to get the most streaming enjoyment!